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About Me
I’m a 16 year old Robotics, cybersecurity enthusiast & high school science student from India. I enjoy working with frameworks like Python and crafting beautiful 3D designs and Circuits. Programming is my hobby, which eventually became my passion. I mostly code in Python, C++. I love working on automation, APIs & robots. I love to build bots, Robots, useless projects and apps! I am a huge Linux and open source software fan. I OCCASIONALLY solve DSA challenges & take part in CTF competitions. I also spend my time ricing my Linux. I love to read English literature & solving math problems XD. I contribute to open source projects when I’m not busy with my studies & assignments. I also maintain some open source projects on GitHub. I love solving maths, exploring physics and watching anime apart from playing with computers and coding. I want to become a software developer, CYBER SECURITY professional or an ENTREPRENEUR.

My Skills

Content Writing
Cyber security
WordPress Expert

Nelson Mandela.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


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